Trip Planning

Below is a questionnaire necessary to complete your personalized Colorado trip guide. Your guide will use your travel information, likes, and interests to suggest sights and activities that will make your trip fulfilling and worthwhile. Within 7 days of submitting this questionnaire you will receive a guide filled with both general knowledge pertaining to your trip and detailed information on specific sights and adventures to enjoy on your travels. While we leave all travel arrangements up to you to complete, the goal of our guide is to make the trip planning process as simple as possible. Don’t leave your trip planning up to guesswork or out of state travel agents, let us as locals, help make your trip one to remember and make you want to see what else we have to offer on your next trip.  


By submitting this questionnaire you understand that the guide provided is simply a suggestion of sights and activities to see and do and you are in no way obligated to partake in anything suggested. You also understand that you are responsible for booking and obtaining any and all activities, transportation, and hotels. If you choose to participate in an activity suggested in the guide you agree to not hold Colorado Trip Guides responsible for any damages, loss of property or injuries as a result of said activity. Unforeseen circumstances can interrupt an otherwise great trip, which is why travel insurance is always recommended just in case any interruptions happen before or during your travels.

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