Discover the Colorado Mountains

     Colorado has so many sights to see and activities to experience that it is a destination sought around the world. Here at Colorado Trip guides we strive to ensure you are prepared to plan your trip through the majestic mountains and that it is as fulfilling and enjoyable as possible. Once you complete our questionnaire we can use our background as lifelong residents and explorers of Colorado to create a personalized guide for your trip.


        Through our guide you will get detailed information on the various cities, sights, and adventures relevant for your trip. We will provide unique insight and knowledge about the best routes and hikes, hidden gems, and reservation requirements that you will not get from other resources. Whether the goal of your trip is to visit all the national parks, or spend time with family doing outdoor activities, or just relaxing in one of the many idyllic towns scattered around the mountains, our guide will help you prepare the best Colorado mountain trip possible.